At Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum, we are passionate about environmental policies that value the preservation of nature for both current and future generations. With this philosophy in mind, we have produced an effective action plan:

Our first priority is undoubtedly the environment our resort is located in. Since our establishment is located in a forested area, we are most susceptible to the possibility of a fire. In addition to taking the necessary precautions and creating emergency plans, we have established a fully equipped fire brigade at our facility.

We have also created programs for recycling and water usage, to avoid wasteful usage of water. A domestic waste water generator is located in our facility. The generator is able to convert the biological waste water of our facility at a capacity of 650 tons/day, this is done by purifying 87,000 tons of waste water per year. The treatment facility holds the Purification Environment Permit Certificate accredited by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

Moreover, the three Reverse Osmosis facilities are able to filter at a capacity of 850 tons/day and in this manner we are able to use sea water through the filtration process. That way, we are positively contributing to the protection of water sources both underground and on the surface.

There are a series of targets that our establishment strictly follows in order to minimize and/or eliminate the environmental impact of our activities. These targets and procedures are thoroughly analyzed and inspected monthly by our Environmental Engineers consultants.

At our facility we are due diligent in minimizing the damage to the environment by reducing our water, detergent, and energy consumption by changing the towels used in our rooms upon the request of our guests.



An inventory study of plant and tree species in and around the facility was carried out by a team of expert forest engineers. As a result of this detailed study, the 117 species of tree and plant tissues were taken under careful care and protection. Visual information and infographics have been placed in the gardens of our facility to protect the endemic plants as well as the ecosystem.

Additionally, the specialized equipment in our guest rooms prevent unnecessary energy consumption by shutting off the heating and/or cooling system when the windows are opened.

Photocell lamps are used throughout the facility and personnel area, and all of the windows in the rooms as well as the main restaurant are designed to save energy by using heat glass.

Lastly, the mini bars, refrigerators, and TV units are eco-labeled technology which  are high efficiency and consume low electricity; and our washer along with dishwashers have been carefully chosen to enable water saving technologies.

Through the use of automatic dosage and chlorination systems in the pools, we are able to avoid the use unnecessary portions of chemicals. Since 2016, our pools have been certified by the Ministry of Health with Clean Pool Certificates. We have contributed greatly to the economy and to the reduction of our carbon footprint by reducing electricity consumption by 2,000,000 Kwh/year. Furthermore, we have reduced our gas consumption by 135,000 kg/year, and we’ve reduced our water consumption by 30,415 m3/year in a 10 year period.

By ensuring the structural composition of the facility to be one and visually compatible with the surrounding nature of the facility, we ensured the protection of the habitat through landscape arrangement and afforestation. The diversification and production of our 160,000 m2 garden is done through our very own greenhouse, this greenhouse provides our garden needs. We are proud to mention that we produced 8,000 seedlings in 2019 in our greenhouse!


We pay utmost attention to the fact that the produce we use in our facilities are locally obtained from local producers. In fact, some of the vegetables are grown right in our own agricultural gardens.

When the time for early harvest is upon us, we gather olives grown in our 480 rooted trees together with our guests and staff during our Sea Garden Harvest Days event. During our harvest day event we also organize panels along with tasting events in conjuction to our local heritage, olives, and olive harvesting. We produce high quality olive oil through a coldpress method with the olives that are collected during the harvest season; and we make sure that our guests are able to consume delicious food in with our high quality olive oil produced the most natural way without any filtering.

We store fresh and famous Bodrum tangerines, which we obtain from local producers and collected from our own gardens, squeezed during the season, in our cold storage depots throughout the winter by utilizing the vacuuming method. Thus, without losing their vitamin and mineral values, they accompany our guests' breakfasts throughout the summer with their fragrance and delicious taste as if its the first day.

Locust, known as Carob in Anatolia, is one of the most beneficial plants that grow in this geography with its vitamins and minerals. We collect delicious patisserie products from carob we grind in the village mill with our expert villagers by collecting them from our own trees. Thanks to the natural sugar in it, we provide our guests with the unbearable happiness of eating a light desserts.


We provide compost fertilizers from plants and branches in our facility garden and use this recycled organically enriched product in our gardens. We are proud to emphasize that we produced 18 tons of composites in 2019.

Oil slingers and waste oils are collected regularly to deliver the licensed companies, and it is through these products that we contribute recycling of biodiesel.

Battery, accumulators, electronic waste, bulb containing fluorescent and similar gas, contaminated timer dye chemical containers, pest control and agricultural fight chemical containers, cans, cartridge waste medicine, medical and other hazardous wastes are collectedby a separation process. These items, which are stored in a private warehouse, are delivered to authorized licensed companies.

The usage of non-recyclable packaging has been minimized.

We are happy to provide WasteSeparation Training for our personnel to seperate their waste into categories (metal, plastic, glass, paper, garden waste, organic waste, medical waste, hazardous waste).


We periodically give training to all our staff on environmental action plans, environmental policies, safe water and chemical use, and efficient waste disposal.

As of 2014, we have received the “Environment Friendly Facility - Green Star” certificate by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and we have not taken a step back in our efforts to protect this honorable status.

As of 2015, we proudly carry our international “GreenKey” certificates.

We are proud of our “Blue Flag” certificate, and we take every step decisively to maintain their unique and beautiful shades blue and cleanliness.

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