Inspired by Nature

For the past 28 years we have been inspired by nature and we continue to do so everyday as we discover something new. Hapimag Sea Garden Resort is the perfect place for those who understand the importance of living with nature rather than against it.

Reconnect with Yourself

At Hapimag Sea Garden Resort, leisure takes on a new deeper meaning. It is the reconnection with nature and hence, with one’s self. Our lush pine forests alongside the beauty of our turquoise clear water bays are bound to help you take a moment and truly enjoy what nature has to offer all while building precious memories with your loved ones..

True Happiness Comes from Giving Back

For us, happiness is equivalent to giving back. As one of our main values, we ensure to always give back to nature more than we take from it as without it we cannot offer our guests the pure happiness and serenity that stems from being one with nature. An experience they have come to love and expect.

Our Philosophy

We are continuously learning about the cycle of nature, and that allows us to approach issues by offering nature-inspired solutions which helps us maintain our purpose to never over consume our natural resources. And that is because we have the utmost appreciation for what our land offers us and are always committed to preserving its soil. Our name, Sea Garden, is in fact a representation of how our vibrant green forest meets our beautiful blue sea. Without such privilege, we would not be able to bring our guests the spiritual journey of emerging back into nature and experiencing true happiness.
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