Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum, which applies the philosophy of "inspired by nature" in every field, progresses by taking inspiration from nature in the construction of human relations. "If you damage a tree, it will not hurt you, but it will continue to bear fruit". In the light of this philosophy, we believe in the synergy that comes from teamwork and cooperation, not from conflict, and we employ our employees for many years. Just as we do to nature, we value our employees and know that we will get the value we give.

Just as we calculate where we need to plant a seed you want to get yield in nature, how much water you need to give and how much light it should get, we observe the skills of our employees, provide them with the necessary training, bring together our employees who can grow and develop together, but most importantly, by valuing them and understanding. we are working.
Your real yield just like in nature; We know that it is not through forcing and breaking the person, but from taking the right form and developing by bending and bending even in the face of difficulties and storms.

We grow the land of our employees

Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum is a unique area of ​​self-development because we are always a brand that respects ideas, is open to development and opens the way for those who create value. For this purpose, our "Human Resources Committee", which consists of a management team, discovers new talents and supports those who create value.
All of our employees, whose potions are too small, should know that we will plant them in more unlimited areas for their growth and development.

We respect those coming from different roots

Just as we respect the different seeds we encounter or discover in nature, we stand for the radical and the different thinker. We believe that every brain that thinks differently and radically, like the thousand and one kinds of seeds that we produce here and add color to our garden, will enrich us even more.

Sea Garden Manifest

Hapimag Sea Garden Resort Bodrum employees always try to understand the cycle of nature. They adopt the simple and solution-oriented language of nature as their own language, and use the language of nature even in solving the simplest daily problems. Within nature, they respect what the land has to offer, they meet the soil, and recognize the products of the soil. 

 They always understand the value of having fresh air and organic foods in nature where the green and blue are blended in Sea Garden. People of Sea Garden know that ‘’the real happiness is to understand yourself by returning to essence’’. Their main purpose is to produce more than their consumption.
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