Even with our employees we continue to be inspired by nature. Because just like with the latter, you reap what you sow. Which is why we ensure to sow the values of teamwork, cooperation and synergy and in return we reap loyal employees for many years to come...
When planting a seed one must consider the location, the water and light it needs to grow. The same applies to our employees where we must consider the training, skills and most importantly their needs to be valued and heard in order to ensure their success and ours.
And finally, like in nature, a good yield comes from nurture and support of our employees no matter the situations or the challenges that arise.

We Grow the Land of Our Employees

Hapimag Sea Garden Resort is a land of self-development as we ensure to maintain a healthy environment for new ideas to be developed. In fact, our ‘Human Resources’ Committee is dedicated to discovering and developing the potential of many of our employees. This committee is one example of our efforts to send a clear message throughout all departments that professional growth at Sea Garden is unlimited.

We Respect those Coming from Different Roots

The beauty of nature is in its diversity, and the same applies to our employees; We can only strengthen our roots if we embrace and celebrate our differences and be inspired by each other’s unique experiences.

Sea Garden Philosophy

Our philosophy of being inspired by nature extends to our employees who adopt it in their daily decisions and solutions. They also share our appreciation for the land as they share our belief that true happiness is achieved by reconnecting with nature and one’s self. Furthermore, Sea Garden’s nature allows our employees and guests to connect and enjoy the process of making and sharing organic produce coming straight from the soil.

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